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Over the last decade we have showcased the amazing breadth of the biosciences in our award-winnng member magazine The Biologist.

Discover more about some of the various fields in our collection of articles. If you’d like any particular field to be represented in future issues of The Biologist or would like to write for the magazine, please get in touch with Tom Ireland, our managing editor by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet @Tom_J_Ireland.

Aerobiology - The study of airborne biological particles
Agroecology - The study of farm ecosystems
Biotechnology - The use of biological systems (or derivatives of them) to make useful products or services
Biochemistry - The study of the chemical processes that govern how living organisms work
Bioengineering - Combining engineering and biology to make new technology and medicine
Bioinformatics - The application of information technology to biological problems
Clinical trials - Biomedical or behavioural research studies on human subjects
Cryobiology - The study of how low temperatures affect organisms, systems and materials
Ecology - The study of the interrelationships between organisms and their environments
Endocrinology - The study of hormones
Epigenetics - The study of changes in gene activity not caused by changes in the DNA sequence
Immunology - The study of the immune system
Marine biology - The study of life in the sea and other saltwater environments
Microbiology - The study of microorganisms (or microbes)
Mycology - The study of fungi
Neuroscience - The study of the nervous system
Nutrition - The study of the effect of diet on the body
Parasitology - The study of the interaction between parasites and their hosts
Pharmacology - The study of how medicines and other drugs work and are processed by the body
Photobiology - The study of the interaction of light with living organisms and biological systems
Physiology - The science of how organs and whole organisms work
Plant science - The modern, multidisciplinary study of plants
Proteomics - The large-scale study of proteins
Sustainable agriculture - Uses the principles of ecology to make farming efficient and environmentally friendly
Synthetic biology - The engineering of biological systems to create products or devices
Systems biology - The study and modelling of complex biological systems
Zoology - The study of animals and how they behave, reproduce, evolve and interact